Sunday, October 10, 2010

Scenes from Macbeth Live Across Classes

This week my students in the Justice for All Cluster will begin a group project co-sponsored by the theatre and lit professors: they will choose a scene from Macbeth to stage--fully stage--with costumes, props, blocking, lighting etc...we are using the Black Box and have theatre student assistants. The current plan (that is related to Community 2.0) is that once this is done--it will probably take two weeks--we will post the live performances on our Ning and Dr X will invite her Shakespeare students to comment on the students' performances and overall production skills.

I am still finding the blogs in both my classes to be powerful aids to critical thinking and focused follow-up class discussion. Interesting side note--I am grading blogs (using rubric on my Ning that was originally shared by Priscilla) in my English 101 class because I can tell they are eager for affirmation. In my capstone seminar I am just commenting but find they are blogging in as much or more depth--without grades. I have told them I will ask for "portfolio" of their top 4-5 blogs and they will receive a grade for them.

There are still a few laggards--what to do about this I do not some cases it seems to have been a lack of skill and others have helped them out; in other cases it is just the usual lack of engagement, I assume...suggestions for stimulating the laggards welcome...not a huge issue--just a few in each class...

Hate crimes is our next topic in 101 and subject of research paper--painfully timely as we start laramie and kidnapping and abuse of teenager in the bronx just hit the news...if anyone wants to chat with my students on this topic, they are looking for interviewees who will function as "chorus"--people in the community who have comments, opinions...
That's all for now...from Dr Van


  1. The staging project sounds amazing. I can't wait to see it so please keep us posted about when it will be available on your class's Ning :) When you mentioned that your class will be discussing hate crimes, and before I read the next line of your post, the NYTimes article about the nine gang members torturing three gay /suspected gay men popped into my mind.
    As for the students who seem to lag behind/be a bit uninterested in blogging, I'm trying blog peer review, as Dr. Smith suggested, this may work as motivating factor. I'm hoping this will motivate them to catch up and keep their blogs up to date.

  2. One main topic in my 099 is dystopia and a couple of my students are already commenting on their own on the "bad" uses of the internet, as in the case of "cyberbullying" we may have a match...