Thursday, October 28, 2010

Video anyone?

Okay. Here is what has been happening in "Englishcompville." Nothing. I had a disasterous start, switched to Wet Paint which I loved. However, without a computer lab, the students were unable to log on or contribute. They didn't mind that; I did. I suspect that some greater power kicked in and so I was granted a computer lab for Fridays. Yay! Next week, we will be writing IN the computer lab. I'm determined to have this work.

In the interim, I had to shoot (that's video, did not go "postal" due to stress of Englishcompville burning) and edit a mini reading of a short story that was recently published. Although I did not look as glamorous as I had thought, I did a pretty good job editing it and uploading it to youtube. Yes, my Final Cut skills are intact! YAY! I am willing, and would even find it FUN, to shoot (again: video, not postal) you guys and edit, and upload (or place it in your folders) it for your blogs. Oddly enough, I am finding, that the students prefer to have an avatar to seeing themselves online. Who would have EVER thought that when so much personal stuff is online for all to see? But, it seems true. So, tomorrow, remind me/wake me (in case I fall asleep...not a morning person) to figure out who wants a video and who does not.
See y'all tomorrow.

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  1. Hey Linda--remind me to change your link from the present Compville to that in Wetpaint.