Monday, October 11, 2010

Wet Paint Transformation

I had such high hopes for Spruz although I had difficulty trying to incorporate the "City Metaphor." My idea was to encourage the students to contribute to the blog by uploading items of interest. For example, one student draws comics. I wanted him to be able to share his
comics and perhaps work with other students creating comics from our material. This was meant to be an experiment that would further engage the students. Even with all the help from dear Dr. X, I could not figure out how to create pages that maintained the metaphor. Over the long weekend, I tried my hand at WetPaint. It was fun! I have gone over to the "other side." I was able to create editable Wikis ready for my students to input. I am going to see what happens this week when I "lead them to water "(hoping that they will drink, please pardon the horse analogy). My feeling is that if I can get them to log on to the course page and see it almost as a gallery of their works that they will be more invested in it. As a freerice addict myself, I wanted to enter the freerice. com challenge that some of you guys are involved in, but decided instead to conduct my own semi vocabulary drill with the students uploading words that they do not know and having the others (from both classes) respond. I'm very hopeful.

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