Sunday, October 24, 2010

What kind of shoe are you and other paths to enlightenment

Writing my dissertation involved an enormous amount of distraction.  Fortunately, facebook was invented just in time!!!! For example, I know that Lady Macbeth is totally  the character that reveals my true self... well Lady Macbeth along with her obvious analogues: Yoda, Woodstock, the 70s, Brooklyn, Bree Van de Kamp and WonderWoman.  I also learned that I was born in the wrong country and under the wrong astrological sign.  Zeut alors! The sheer range of the available kinds of silly metrics (what swear word are you?) - and their obscene popularity - reveal the self-definitional obsessions of Generation X, Y, Alpha and Omega, etc ad nauseum.

So, why not use the power of 2.0 to tap into this element of human nature?  My students - as part of considering their own potential to be happier with school, work and future plans - took the Briggs-Myers test.  This personality test - used frequently enough by governments and corporations to have the patina of authenticity- measures personality and arrives at one of sixteen personality types, each replete with proscribed "best" careers, personality traits, etc.  As you move through the blogoshere, these types emerge with the lush topography of astrology - what is an ENTJ like as a lover?  Will your ISFP child be bullied?

Needless to say, they loved it!!! Most felt that their own instincts about who they were and what they should do were confirmed.  Some discovered new options (lawyer?) that were exciting.  A few thought the test was a waste of time. 

 here's one on the 4 kinds of professor personalities.


  1. This is a very ENF kind of post :)

  2. As I suspected, while I'd like to be a combination of an Artisan/Idealist teacher, I'm more of a Guardian with a sprinkle of idealism. Do you think all these 'paths to enlightenment' are connected/related with the ever flourishing self-help industry? Also,and here I'm thinking of the article someone sent a link to via Groupwise- "The 20-Something Dilemma"- it seems that we as a society seem to promote pursuit of success over pursuit of learning about oneself, and facebook surveys such as Which John Hughes character are you?(Btw I got Iona from Pretty in Pink :) give us a sense of insight into ourselves. B