Sunday, October 3, 2010

Wiki Work and Audio Files

We continued to experience difficult with our avatars from Voki. Students are thrilled when they work but have been frustrated. Instead of using the same tool for the next audio file, I'm planning to use the Voice Board in Blackboard. It seems to be fairly easy to use and we don't have to worry about conflicts with the software since it is designed to work within the system.

Students in my Future of Work seminar will continue the work from last Fall II's seminar on the Outliers wiki. The link will be posted here so you can check it out. This is only one activity for this six session seminar but they are to either add comments or edit/add pages as they wish. I am requiring five posts. This is an adjusted assignment since we usually do something with ePortfolio but with the change in platforms, I have decided not to do this in the Fall. We'll see what progress is made with Digication before I add yet another frustrating assignment.


  1. Prof Susan:

    I was trying Digication last week and it worked like a charm. I cannot guarantee it will be so when many, many students are using it, but so far, so good.

  2. So much depends on what your class is doing. In FPA, students need to complete an entire ePortfolio but the new RULES are above 45 credits select the advanced, below 45 it is the introductory unless you are in a major that has a programmatic template. This means I can have a class that uses multiple templates with different sections (tabs & pages) -- not a great way to organize my assignments for posting!

  3. We definitely need to give them feedback on these issues--perhaps ask for flexibility.

    I just feel that there way too many people deciding how we have to teach our classes that have not set a foot in a classroom lately...