Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Blogging Overload


Towards the end of the semester my students work on longer range or more complex at home writing.  In addition, we have many in-class writing workshops.  The semester is designed with weekly blog entries, but by this time of the year I end up having students post their drafts as "blog entries."  Of course, they all get confused because a) I also require them to be printed out for days when we are not in a lab - so that a number of students either forget to post or to print; b) multiple drafts of the same paper get posted as separate blog entries, but ome students end up updating the draft on the blog, etc. so that their "blog count" is short.

Does anyone else have this problem? It happens to me every semester!  I feel overwhelmed by the multiple stratae of student writing.


  1. Mmm--this is a conundrum. Maybe just stick with one format for the end of the semester for essays and leave blogging for reflections or peer evaluation.

  2. Yes. I have the same issue. Students want to know whether they should blog/post or hand in assignments. I decided to have them hand in printed assignments, but to have them blog their questions/vocabulary. Probably the only reason that this was not more of a problem throughout the semester was because we could not access a computer lab until late in the term. There was no choice other than to rely on print. Students could not access Spruz (partly my fault for trying to create such an elaborate site)and it took time once we switched to wetpaint. I've decided that next semester I will clearly define what should be done where and how. Famous last words.

  3. I am working on a new system for next semester. I am going to have students post weekly blog entries and then pick ONE to revise and expand and to submit in hard-copy that will serve as 75% of the blog grade. I think this will remove the confusion over "blog entries" and "essays". Here is my description from my "it will be better next year" syllabus:

    For each blog series you should pick ONE of the required entries to develop into a complete, researched essay. This essay will serve as the primary basis (75%) for that series evaluation and will be submitted in hard-copy in MLA format with a Works Cited sheet as well as posted to the blog as usual. You may preview upcoming blog assignments in the “Blog Series” folder to plan accordingly. Example: If you complete only one of the blog entries on the blog and submit it as your Essay 1 your maximum grade is 75/100 or a “C”. In other words, I will grade it as usual and then remove 25 points from that grade (an 85 would become a 70). There are no “make ups” on blog entries.

  4. @ Jason: it may be the early morning tiredness, but I do not understand what you plan to do.