Sunday, November 28, 2010

final exam in a computer lab vs. final exam in a traditional classroom

So after our last Community 2.0 meeting and chatting with Doc. X, I've decided to administer the final exam in the computer lab, rather than the traditional classroom. The Midterm exam results were the main reason for this decision as students did very poorly. Some told me they would have been more comfortable typing the essay, rather than writing in a bluebook. This is a valid point, as the main portion of our writing for the class, has been done on the computer/blogs.
Will keep all posted as to the outcomes of the final exam. Also, I'm administering the exam earlier as I've already scheduled it and only learned about the cancellation of the cross grading last weekend.

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  1. While there might be an argument to be made for varying the mode of writing, I think you're making a sound (and generous!) choice in opting for the computerized exam. Some people--myself included, I'm ashamed to admit--have been so conditioned to composing on a keyboard that writing an exam by hand would be a real challenge.