Sunday, November 14, 2010


We will be working on interviewing for much of this upcoming week. A number of the students are planning to complete their internship in Fall II and need some additional practice. We will review basic questions that everyone asks, what can/cannot be asked, questions from (some quite comical), and reviewing some interview videos. They will work in triads in class -- interviewer/interviewee/observer and then I will ask for volunteers for in-class demonstrations.

In addition to these "routine" activities, this will be the fourth semester of classes that I have "invited" to my VoiceThread interview activity. There are eight basic questions that students need to respond to -- this is an audio file. They have the opportunity to review any/all the prior postings before they complete their own. This has proven to be a useful activity and then on 11/29, the students will have a two-minute professional pitch videotaped to see what progress they have made since the initial audio file. No matter how many times you may have been interviewed, there is always room for improvement.


  1. LOVE the Voicethread assignment! I also love the fact that the student's responses stay for everyone to check. How many responders does Voicethread allow?

  2. Thanks. Students are not sure when they start but in the end think it is a good activity. To date, we have 418 comments posted. Not sure what the allowance is but so far we're doing fine.