Sunday, November 7, 2010

Presentation Preparation

In a few weeks one of my CEP 121 classes will be making group presentations on their Virtual Enterprise project. I have three staff members who serve as my “local investors” each semester since they enjoy the presentations (and my brownies). This time around we have a cruise hotel, a vegetarian food cart, a movie/dinner theater and an online website that provides a variety of services – they are still formulating their final idea. Students will be asking for $1,000,000 to expand their business. This has been a good project since they can see how to work in a team, with different personalities and then make a group presentation. They will have an opportunity to grade their team members and comment on the other teams’ presentations. I use a group presentation rubric that I adapted from a business presentation at Baruch.

I like students to view various presentations to get a sense of what is expected. Former students have given permission for me to show their presentations and then I also show them two different presentations that Steve Jobs has done. – the commencement address at Stanford and Present Like Steve Jobs introducing the Macbook Air. We use Jobs for comparison about the difference in presentations depending on the purpose/audience, etc. They always find it interesting that he reads when talking about his personal life.

Students are also working on a podcast assignment – find a podcast that is related to either their major or a career interest . They then need to post in Blackboard responding to these questions:
Why did you choose that particular podcast?
What did you find interesting about it?
What concepts or ideas caught your attention and why?
What new knowledge did you learn as a result of listening to this podcast?
How can you apply what you have learned in your future internship?
Do you see any differences from what you have learned and what you see others you work with practice in your job every day?
They have the option to post a text or audio file and of course, respond to two other students in the class.

In my CPC 041 class (The Future of Work) students are conducting research on internship advice. They are then posting one piece of advice for others in the class using Voice Board. This is the first time this class will be using it and I hope that they will be more successful than my f2f class.

Next week we will begin interview practice and discuss networking. We will then move into a VoiceThread assignment so more on that next week.

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