Sunday, November 28, 2010

Presentations Continue

On Monday 11/22, one of my FPA classes had virtual enterprise presentations. These are always interesting even when some students don't do so well....they at least learn from their mistakes. I think this is the first semester that we didn't use all the class time with presentations/Q&A (this is a two-hour class). Presentations were shorter than usual, some forgot to identify the rewards if the investors gave them one million dollars and a few students barely presented. One student didn't show (this is not the first time) and this is not an assignment that can be made up. Two students emailed me in a panic last Sunday indicating that they hadn't received the final slides from their group members. If nothing else was learned, working in groups can be a frustrating experience.

This Monday, presentations will continue in another format. Students will be making their two-minute professional pitch which will be videotaped and uploaded to their ePortfolio. Students have been posting to Voice Thread but a few are complaining about all the technology. A few of these students are also those who complain about everything and do little work. I wonder how many will not show just because it is the Monday after Thanksgiving (the date worked out the best though for coordinating resources).

Hope you all had a pleasant holiday. I am sure a few of you are now like me....behind with grading!

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  1. Interesting...I also had several students not come to my Monday class. It's the first time it's happened, so I was at a loss as to what the reasons could be. I never thought it could be an "extension" of Thxgiving...