Sunday, November 21, 2010

Speed post commenting and video of students' debate

During the observations lesson, Nov. 12, I had students compose "Worst Date" post on their blogs; then I put them in groups of three and asked them to comments on their group mates' "Worst Date" posts with references to class readings. The observer really liked this activity, and even though most students did not overtly/specifically refer to the readings, the activity did generate nice exchanges between students. This Friday, I used this activity again to begin discussion about a reading "Fathering: Paradoxes, Contradictions and Dilemmas" and Okada's "Future Plan #2" photograph(two men with pregnant bellies). So thank you Community 2.0 for this blog activity suggestion :)

Another activity which worked well was a debate which students participated in on Monday, the day we are in a regular classroom, and then I posted on the class blog. Since the readings and the topic of the debate- Are men or women more hurt by double standards?- will appear on the final, this is a great resource for the final exam and students are excited to vote as to which side won, since I refused to pronounce the winner :) Unfortunately, since the debate lasted about 20-25 min, the video was too long for blogger to allow me to upload to the post. So I had to upload it to youtube and then post the links- there are three links as the video was too long for youtube as well- on the class blogs. If anyone is interested, check it out. It is also a great resource for me, as the video nicely captures individual students' behavior and their participation. Of course I set the youtube video as private so it cannot be located/searched on youtoube and one can only view it if one has a link.

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