Saturday, November 20, 2010

Thoughts about Facebook...

The past two weeks have been relatively quiet in my freshman seminar classes. Tuesday’s group has been blogging quite actively, but my Wednesday’s group attended a panel presentation in lieu of our class this past Wednesday. I do believe that there’s an added value to the students for having to write down their entries instead of verbally discussing them in class. Of course there are students who have trouble focusing on web activities, but those who do complete them, seem to gain a greater insight into the issues discussed (and have a better memory for discussion topics).

I also created a Facebook page for the College Discovery Program a few months back, and it has taken more time than expected to get students to “like” the page. The Program is using the page for announcements and programmatic events, and I plan on using it even more in the future. I also plan on using Facebook in my spring seminars but more about that later. From my personal perspective, I really like using Facebook for announcements, communications etc. It’s easy to see comments right below the respective entries, and students say it is “cool” to see their pictures on Facebook. I also feel that Facebook is the most effective tool for delivering time sensitive, real-time updates and information.

I’m also working on questions for my end of the semester survey, and I will solicit feedback from the group at a later time.

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