Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Updates on Biology Class

Last week I was at a Annual Bio-Medical Conference for Minority Students held in Charlotte, NC. Three of our five LaGuardia students who presented posters there won the best poster award. So that was thrilling.
For my class, I gave them an incentive of extra-credit for participation on the google group discussion-- first person to respond would get an extra-credit. However, even that did not motivate them. There was only one question posted and no one attempted to respond to it!! They initially were excited to know about the extra-credit but my feeling is that when they found that only first one to respond will get it, they were less enthusiastic... My feeling is supported by the observation that they are showing more interest and enthusiasm in writing a reflection for the ePortfolio that I gave them as extra-credit. Here they know if they do it they will get the credit. I have been constantly reminding them and trying to make them realize the power of discussion group but it does not seem to work.

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  1. Congratulations to your students and you! :-) :-)

    Sorry the discussion is not working--you are probably right that students need to feel they will get extra credit for the extra work. Maybe if you included a few points for discussion in your syllabus in the Spring...