Thursday, December 9, 2010

Community 2.0 Seminar Agenda / 10 December 2010 / C740: 09:00-12:00

Community 2.0 Seminar Agenda
10 December 2010
C740: 09:00-12:00
  • Freewrite: Envision the end of Spring semester. Where would you want your students to be? What do you want them to be doing? How does this seminar help to achieve this vision?
  • Follow-up Discussion: What are you trying to accomplish for your students through this seminar?
  • Assignment of Professional Support Pairs
  • Break into Professional Support Pairs
  • Adding information to the wiki (if needed); reading the wiki; working with your support partner to articulate what you want to do for a specific course or courses and how and with whom; problem solving.
Touch base with Network Partners

11:00-11:40 Demos
  • Netvibes
  • Google Cluster: Blogger/Docs
  • Ning
  • Discussion
    • Next time: Facebook!
  • Expectations for Spring
  • Course Codes for this semester
  • Homework

  • By Friday, January 7: Use your Contributor Tag to check all your blog entries this semester. You may also want to refresh your mind as to what others are doing by checking their Contributor Tags. Then compose a Reflective Blog that
    1. begins by restating your goal(s) for the Spring
    2. reflects on your own entries over the semester.
    3. reflects on what someone else said that you found provocative and link it to what you have done or are planning to do in this seminar.
    • By Friday, February 4: Update your syllabi/course descriptions on the Community 2.0 wiki. Remember, in particular, to identify themes and possible network partners (see, for example, Ximena’s entry for Brave New World.)
    • By Friday, February 11: Examine the syllabi/course descriptions of your Professional Support Partner: What are is/she planning to do? How is s/he planning to do it? What is s/he struggling with? Exchange supportive feedback via the Comment function of the wiki page (at the bottom); please be specific about the feasibility of your partner’ s plan in particular.
    • By Thursday, March 3: Have your revised syllabi ready for the seminar meeting the following day!

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