Sunday, December 5, 2010

Final thoughts...

As the semester nears end, the class activities have been more focused on advisement, DegreeWorks and how to use eSIMS. Nevertheless, I did want to share a recent article from Time Out NY. It’s a cute article about New Yorkers who are obsessed with updating, documenting, and sharing their experiences with a larger web community, and in the process, may end up becoming observers of their own lives. The article also raises an interesting question that I have often thought about “Are we frantically documenting our outings because we want someone to know we were there, or because examining and sharing them somehow adds to them?

Read more: Is social media bad for NYC? - Things to Do - Time Out New York,3#ixzz1794hZaTe

I also learned a new word this past week at a SEEK/CD counseling conference; netiquette, etiquette rules for the online community.

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