Tuesday, December 7, 2010

An unwelcome guest in the Community 2.0 homestead

Those of you who still subscribe to (or, like me, forgot to unsubscribe from) the digest of our recent JAM might have noticed today's new post urging us all to "Think about your marriage and get a trusted women [sic]" (screen-captured below, in case the JAM administrators elect to delete the post):

It seems to me that one might reasonably look upon such a post as an intrusive violation of the Community 2.0 space, or simply as an innocuous (and grammatically laughable) pest. Either way, it serves as a helpful reminder of the nature of public online forums, and potentially a useful teaching point for your classes. Posting and exchanging ideas freely on the Web is a bit like living in a house made entirely of screens: ease of entry for some means ease of entry for all, so we should all be prepared with a flyswatter in hand.


  1. I reported the message as spam and had it removed. But, yes, that is one of the dangers of being totally public. --J

  2. My question is this: Does this person also have a bank check for 5 million dollars that they want to deposit in my account? If so, then I know them.