Sunday, January 30, 2011

Honors Novel: Brief Syllabus

Hi All--The theme for my Novel course this Spring is Family Disturbances: Secrets and Lies; Love, Loss, Redemption. My syllabus, including texts, thematic questions, and tags may be found at this url: (drafting all this month)

I'm looking forward to reading others' postings so I can get an idea of common themes, especially from those teaching English 102. The novels I have chosen offer very different examples of tone, style, voice: from realism to lyricism to surrealism and magical realism--possibly with 102 we could share a small excerpt (or compare writers across classes with students choosing representative passages) and examine literary devices. Since I am doing Kafka's Metamorphosis, it occurred to me that Biology students of Karim might want to test the veracity, realism of Kafka's "monstrous vermin." Another novel whose main character is a hermaphrodite also offers possibilities for biology, sociology, and any course dealing with culture and difference. That's all for now; to be continued. . .see my syllabus for more detailed themes.

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