Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Year's 2.0 Resolutions!


I apologize for being such a prodigal 2.0-er.  A real world cold virus has crashed yours truly for a week......I'm looking forward to all our projects this spring!

My goals for the Spring:

Streamline Writing Assignments - As mentioned in earlier posts, I would like to resist having so many levels and media for writing.  I am going to reduce the number of student writing assignments, but develop their complexity.   I'd like to be smarter about which technology I will use for staging assignments. 

Revisit the links between specific technology and paper development
 In the past, I was using the blogs for pre-writing, as the "developmental" media for building an essay - the formal papers, while pasted to the blog, were conceived of and graded as old-fashioed 2D paper documents.  Now, I'd like to ask students to use the specific capacities of blog technology to "enhance" formal writing assignments by requiring them to embed links, images, sound and/or video so that the 2.0 document is the "final" one.

Use the technology more consistently between classes
In the fall, I had wonderful experiences with my modest experiments in cross-class editing over the internet.  I've also learned from my colleagues in 2.0 about their very positive experiences doing so.

This semester I have two 101 classes (one a stand-alone and the other a part of a cluster).  They are working on different themes, though.  I'm going to assign a LOT more peer editing across these sections.

In addition, I'd like to team up with an ENG 099 class (perhaps Dr. X) to do some of this as well....

Use 2.0 technology to enhance students use of the Archives
My 101 students will be using the archives this semester to research Food Politics in NYC.  I'm looking forward to letting them share their findings online.

Part Two - Yours, Mine and Ours
I really enjoyed being a part of the pilot over the fall - I learned an infinite amount from everyone.  Reviewing the blog today, its clear that in our own local/ individual ways we've been collectively doing an enormous amount of creative teaching and field testing of new ideas.  There's so much I want to do, but haven't yet (for a technological example, using animated avatars like Susan; pedagogically Rich's suggestion to explore the distance between professional writing and casual tech usages). 

There is one thing Ximena, Jason, Luke, Magda and I discussed at our CCHA panel that continues to interest me:  I'm curious to understand the extent to which the use of technology can "rewire" students' attitudes, abilities and affect in the classroom.   However, I'm not sure how to move beyond collecting anecdotal evidence for this phenomenon (which many of us "feel" to be true) to collecting data and writing papers about it (hopefully with a 2.0 collaborator of course!)

See you all soon!

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  1. I really like your point about streamlining assignments, both the staging process and across assignments. While in my ENG101 course all papers focus on aspects of masculinity, I need to figure out a way of transitioning more smoothly from a unit on men in relationships, to men at work, to men as parents, and so on.
    As per your last point regarding technology "rewiring" students, in their final posts my students all stated that they very much enjoyed using blogger for their writing assignments and to check out each other's work. But I'm not certain to what extent were these posts composed to refelct what I wanted or expected to hear from them? In other words, while I'm not disputing that they did in fact visit each other's blogs, I'm not certain how often and I wonder why they didn't leave comments about the work they found inspiring or interesting?