Tuesday, January 4, 2011

They like us, they really like us

Heads up fellow Community 2.0 bloggers: our little ones-and-zeros are making their way in the world and people, like real people, are reading them.

I found a posting of mine in which I describe the wiki project I use in ENG102 discussed on another website; Rachel Buyes a blogger interested in education and the use of technology in the classroom discusses and quotes from my Community 2.0 post on her October 9th blog.

I quoteth: "Corbett Treece blogs about how effective wiki’s could be for a student’s sense of achievement, '[She] sees her page up there, all full of color and pictures and videos and fancy text boxes, there is a pride of ownership and authorship that I just don’t see when I have them blog.” I love the way Treece has chosen to use wikis for her class. She has used it for topics as simple as “What is a hyperbole.' The students would use this wiki to post definitions of what it is, their own examples of it, literary examples of a hyperbole, and even examples from movies with it. It’s a simple idea but the students learn to recognize what it a hyperbole is by sharing/learning with each other through their wiki. It becomes fun to discover examples of what you are learning, even when you are not looking (i.e. watching TV or reading a book) for it, and then being able to share it with classmates who are doing the same thing."

I'm proud like a new Mama.