Friday, February 4, 2011

Updated Schedule

Hi All--

I have updated my course schedule. As you will see, Dr. X and I have a mirrored prep as of the moment. Most of the work so far has been on her side. Thanks! Additionally, I am working on putting together a bibliography for us for research purposes. The (as yet empty) tab is above, but it should start filling soon as I start digging into journals. If I get ambitious, we may have an annotated bibliography eventually. Please feel free to send me suggestions.

The Matrix Schedule (In Progress)


  1. Hello!

    This is very exciting. I'm teaching a cluster called "Imagination and Reality" and I AM TEACHING THE MATRIX FOR THE FIRST TIME (I even WATCHED it for the first time - so fun).

    Since its a "group effort" - there is no syllabus or schedule yet, but maybe we can wing some links on an ad hoc basis once the framework is set!

    I'd LOVE to have my 101 students peer review 99 and 101 papers on these topics!.

  2. Cool! We have my two ENG099's plus X's ENA099 and maybe Luke as well. We are having lunch with him Friday to discuss connections and will give you a tell. Wanna pop in for lunch?