Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Audio Files Not Happening

I think too many of my online students registered for the online section thinking they wouldn't have to speak. Wrong! There is major resistance to posting the audio files - so far there have been two assigned. I have provided information about where they can complete these on campus. The first page of the syllabus did indicate that they needed access to either a microphone or webcam for this course so audio assignments should not have been a surprise. I posted an announcement on Blackboard and also sent it as an email to remind them of the missing assignments and that these are not optional unless they were willing to accept a zero. To date, only two students have come to my office about questions in general or to introduce themselves.

We are also working on Digication ePortfolios. This is also an online section. Many students have started these ePortfolios in other classes and a number still have one from our former system. While the new system is easier to use, many still have not completed their first assignment here either. I continue to work with the same ePortfolio consultant (for a few years and this third online section) so it is not that he is unfamiliar about how to get this accomplished.

In the meantime, I am trying to adjust to my department transfer and all that comes with it -- upcoming physical move, new courses for the fall/spring (which seem to have fallen to me to develop) yet still having one foot in Co-op with the transitional issues.


  1. In my Eng101, much like yourself, I informed students on the first day of class that all our work for the course will be done on the computer using blogger and all the course assignments and readings are accessible on the class blog. We went over in class, on several occasions, how to access all of the documents. To this day, and we are in week 4 of classes, students come up to me asking where they can find the course readings, course assignments, and though this is not technology related, some are having trouble finding our classroom :( -we meet in a smart class on the 7th floor of C building on Wed. and on the 2nd floor of the C building on Fri. I'm not sure what it is, maybe something in the air? Also, I've lost, or so it seems, 5 students over the first formal writing assignment- analysing a photograph of a man. Is that a scray assignment? Maybe.
    But if you don't mind, would you share with me the information about where on LAGCC campus students could get access/use webcams? I'd like to do a peer review exercise with my class in which they will record a video of themselves reading their paper and post it on their blogs.
    Hope your students will get on board soon :)

  2. Perhaps this is Spring Fever but the weather isn't cooperating....snow tomorrow.

    Many of the computers in E273 have headsets with microphones so that works for audio assignments - open lab time is not so great. As for the webcams, they should go to C-216 which is one of the Speech Communication Labs. They have more open lab time but you would need to check the schedule with Sean Palmer if you want to post it since it varies each semester.