Wednesday, March 16, 2011

changes to the username and password needed to log into computers?

Hello Everyone,
Last Wed. whoever had the class before me in C 717 did not log out from the computer so I just used it, without logging in with the English Dept. username and password. But today, when I tried to enter LAB\english as the username, and enlivened as password, the computer was not responding. The C-building technology staff member told me the internet connection was down, and also told me that the username has changed? Lastly, he mentioned that each dept. should have given every faculty member a user name?
Does anyone know anything about this?


  1. Nope--that last that I heard was that it was enlivened. I suggest calling Linda Dong at 718-482-5656 or e-mailing her.

  2. Each department has a username and password that is used for adjuncts. Full time faculty can log in with their regular username/password from their office computers. I know in my department a memo was given to all adjuncts with the information - we have the same one since September.

  3. Thanks you, Doc X and ProfSusan. Linda Dong confirmed this as well.