Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Dreadful Penny Dreadful and The Worm That Ruined My Computer (Life)

FIRST: I knew that would get your attention! In my zeal to find the "perfect" software to create our PennyDreadful graphic novel, I downloaded multiple software. You name it! I was eager to try it: Blurb, Toonville, etc. Somehow, I downloaded a zillion viruses. Relax! Don't log off! I'm on my daughter's computer. I need a new computer and I need to cautious/protected when I get my new laptop.
Any ideas? I need at least 4G, Graphic card, fast enough processor to run video, elevated keyboard (I hate flat keys!), at least 15.5 inch screen and in the 500-600 dollar range. I've been told that HP has an educational discount and will create my own little machine, but it won't ship until April 21.

SECOND: The graphic novel is on hold until next week. Here's a no-brainer: I may use Powerpoint (I hear cringing!) to set up the bubble for cartoon speak and then have the students import them into our blog.

THIRD: Aside from the real nightmare of trying to recuperate from a hefty viral onslaught, I am trying to come up with a way of having students contribute to each other's summary/prep for the "drawing stage." We ARE going to publish this thing once complete! I'm determined to do so! But, I need to come up with some pointed (as I see some of you have skillfully done) prompts leading to better blogs.
I am also having second thoughts about "just plain bloggging," because it makes me crazy when students write like they are writing junior high comments. There, I said it!

FOURTH POINT: I'm attending a conference in Boston in May for International Immersion Education, and I have connected with the University of Essex, I'm meeting some folks there and am really looking hard at my virtual abroad concept.

FIFTH: Because I am going to the conference on May 11th, I need someone to "watch" my class on the 12th from 1:00-3:15. I can set up a film for that day and so all one needs to do is take attendance, click for the film, and (of course, man the computer so it doesn't GO OFF EVERY FIVE SECONDS).
Any takers?

SIXTH: We WILL be doing some vloggging this semester....not sure when.

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