Sunday, March 20, 2011

Facebook concerns...

I decided to go with a smart classroom this semester because my intention was to use class time for group work and Facebook for out-of-class communications. Unfortunately, students have not embraced it as I thought they would. Furthermore, only a third of the students have joined FB despite my e-mails and in-class reminders. I posted a relatively simple question on FB on Wednesday and only one student has responded so far! Maybe students perceive FB as unnecessary because they are able to accomplish most of their group work in class? By the way, if I post a question on FB, do students see the post on their wall, or do they have to switch between their “main” profile and the FB group to see my posts?


  1. As far as I know the students will see the notice on their wall unless they "hide" you, which they can via several methods. I had the same issue with blogs when I first started using them. For a variety of reasons, students perceived the blogs as "optional" or "unnecessary extra work." That is when I switched to making the blogs central to the class (60% or the grade). I also started using FB this semester and am having some limited response but I do log-on live at specific times (online "office hours") and have had better response with that.

  2. Yes, the online office hours works!

  3. I think with many of the tools we want to use, if it is not part of the grading structure, it is viewed as optional. Decide how much weight you want to give it and then stick with that.