Friday, March 25, 2011

Following Blogs

I have most of my students signed up for blogs across three courses. We have three blog rolls created--on our wikis (and under Blackboard), one blog roll for each class. Here is a guide to getting them to 'follow' those students who are on a blog roll. (It can be customized for other classes for the group.)

More generally, I seem to notice a lot of publicity about ePortfolio at school lately. For writing classes, blogs are better--since they are about writing. It's interesting that the wider phenomenon of a move toward a 'platform' (rather than a smaller-is-better approach of early Web 1.0 and early Web 2.0) finds an analogy in education in the move toward platforms like ePortfolio, Blackboard and Facebook. I hope we don't wind up with a 'curated' Internet dominated by a few large social networking sites and 'gateway' media and tech companies (Google, obviously, Apple and Facebook), plus the keepers of those Internet pipelines (net neutrality, anyone).... We are covering 'techno-romanticism' in my LIB 200 class, and of course every generation dreams of a perfect, utopian technology.... Let's all think critically about tech and its visions -- so I tell my students -- we will be looking at computer ads through the ages, including the iPad. That's a good maxim for educators to remember, too.... (Discuss.)

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  1. Once again, Rich: my compliments to the Chef. I'm kicking myself for not thinking of writing directions!