Friday, March 18, 2011

Most students are on board, for the most part

The second week started off a bit bumpy, as on Wed., that horrible rainy day, there was not internet access in the C building. This slightly foiled my plans, as I wanted to practice reading a photograph with students in class, in order to prepared them for their first paper. Also, this term I assigned 2 or 3 students to each reading and asked those students to post one question about an assigned reading by 5 p.m. on the day prior to our class meeting. Since I've tried to assign readings only for Weds. classes (my class meets on Weds. in a smart classroom and Fri. in a computer lab) as they have almost 5 days between the Friday and Wednesday class to do the reading, the selected students usually post the questions on Tuesdays by 5:00p.m. So once again as there was not internet access this Wed. we were unable to review all the wonderful comments students posted in response to the questions. Although only one of the two students assigned to post a question did, 15 of the 26 posted comments and these were not simply one word or one sentence, these were in fact substantial paragraphs!!! I was so impressed :) and told them so, of course. Granted some students are still trying to get on board and as this is an 8 a.m. class, they seem to be half asleep, I think the class is off to a promising start.

I do have one question, a tech questions about Google Docs. One of my students is behind on her work as she missed previous Friday's class when we set up the blogs. So today, i was helping her set the blog up, and then I wanted her to access Google Docs so she could begin taking notes/making observations about a photograph. But when she clicked on My Account, in the list of My Products there was no Docs??? Any suggestions.


  1. Does she log into Google with a Yahoo! or Aol account? I discovered that when your primary e-mail is something other than Google, sometimes you have to "turn on" the other products.

  2. How does one "turn on" the other products? It's strange becasue many of my students created their google accoutns with e-mails other than gmail and they all seem to have access to google docs.