Sunday, March 13, 2011

Nae Problemo

For all us who survived this week... 
Soooo... *said as a long exhalation*,

...even though half of my Basic Writing students missed the first three-hours of class on Monday because they were in the wrong room, and, therefore, did not get a blog, customize it, type their first blog entry, and join my blogroll, by the end of the second meeting on Wednesday everyone was blogged and networked and surveyed and I needed a stiff drink (did I mention this class ends at 10 pm?!). Oh, and we also managed to have quite the intensive class on Annotating (see HERE, if interested).

What did NOT work half as smoothly, hahaha, was that scuggan of a web attendance platform we have; not only did it completely dump my attendance for the second meeting, but the online list has two students less than the report, so I had to print the report and complete the attendance by hand, thereby defeating the purpose of web attendance. Sidebar: I am so looking forward when we move from eSIMS to CUNYFirst (not! in case you did not catch the sarcasm. I say, be prepared for the moaning, the wailing, and the gnashing of teeth.)

Also, I meddled (muddled?) with Dr. Pacht's Facebook group. I say this because I am not sure that students have figured out I am a teacher yet.... I have to say, so far FB looks like a winner. I look forward to more reports from the field. 

What's coming up: sharing Google Docs gradebook pages with everyone, a class on Summarizing, Plato's "Allegory of the Cave," and perhaps cross evaluation of blogs using Google Docs' Forms.

Lastly, I have been thinking that, as a group, we may want to collaborate on a short piece that describes some of the issues with web privacy and offers some suggestions to the students. Something that we can post permanently on our blogs or add to the syllabus. I have started a Googel Docs page for this purpose HERE. Please add or edit by using a different font color and signing your initials.


  1. Thanks. Now I have a hand-print on my screen. *sigh*

  2. I worked on the doc a little. Should we link it in the documents folder?

  3. I read through the document and this covers most of their concerns but then there is more to consider. Think about Santo's presentation about having students upload videos to Facebook and then having the next semester of students critique them - where is their privacy? any permissions given? Once there is voice and face, all privacy is lost.

  4. Very true, profsusan, very true. We really need to consider these issues as we, as they say, "go forward."