Sunday, March 13, 2011

scrivener to the rescue

One word: By Jove, I think I've "got it." I think it can achieve all that I want: An online blogging task that leads to a printable pulp.

Scrivener: a graphic novel creating software that students can use to write a synopsis, add images, and explain the literature of the supernatural and Gothic novel. I have to figure out a way to 1. purchase it ($45.00..may use my equipment fee) and see if it can be accessed from our computer lab 2. research topics can be made into graphic novel format (a la Penny Dreadful).

We did manage to get computer lab time, so we should be writing as of Tuesday.
I hope this won't be another burning compville.
Any ideas? Comments? Thoughts? Suggestions?


  1. Scrivener looks great! Your students will have a blast.

    One question, though--this software is for Macs and your students will be using PCs, no? Make sure you buy the PC version coming out this year--and there is a discount for educators.

  2. This software sounds wonderful. Are there any other versions-is supernatural and Gothic the only one?- or can you customize it in any way you like it, for other genres?

  3. Miss B--

    Check it out here for MAC

    and here for Windows

  4. Thanks, guys. I'm looking into the PC version. Actually, since we had a tiny error (no lab), I was given two (count 'em 2) labs on Tuesdays for one hour each. THe beauty here is that the first hour is MAC. GO MAC!
    The second hour is PC. GO PC. I'm in the process of trying to figure out the logical way to go about this.
    HEY. WHy don't we create a graphic novel on using 2.0?