Friday, March 4, 2011

Seminar 3/4/11 Report Out

Please take a few moments to reflect on today's seminar. What new ideas or plans did you come up with? What was the most significant thing you learned today? And, finally, what would you like to hear more about or discuss in more detail in future JAMs or face-to-face meetings? Your response should be posted as a "comment" to this post.


  1. During team time it became obvious I am sticking with the bloggers , and I am connecting to Magda, Richard, Jason, Lizzie and Ximena who all use blogger for their classes. Plans include the following: With Ximena and Jason we are going to have students interact on some similar assignments since we are even using the same texts at that time (“The Allegory of the Cave” and The Matrix). With Magda we may use the same movie, Gone Baby Gone, from different perspectives. My students will look at it as a heroic narrative and her students as a study in masculinities and male-female relationships. Finally, for the last week of classes my ENG 99 students will do a forum analysis of a 101 forum, and I will ask students to choose either Lizzie’s or Richard’s class.

    For future meetings I would like us to continue to experiment with new platforms. I liked seeing what people can do with facebook and the ease it poses for students, even as I am in super stealth mode myself with my facebook account. How about we all join a common ning for a future meeting? or test out some other platform?

  2. I'm really excited about a lot of things:

    1) using facebook to give students a discussion/posting area and to be able to offer some "office" hours via the group chat feature.

    2) Collaborating for peer editing with Luke and Michelle

    3) Doing some kind of food link with Ximena

    4) Exploring Voci and Movie Maker (thanks Susan!)

  3. It was great strategizing with Magda about how to connect our classes better this semester. We will start trying to foster these conenctions from the very start of the semester. Partners will be assigned if needed as the semester progresses. I will also try and open my class site to Marianne's freshman seminar, perhaps by providing some useful introductory research tutorials. Looking forward to this.

  4. I enjoyed Santo's presentation on Facebook and like the way students can interact with or without prof chatting with you. The docs section enables longer posts so that is parallel to blogger or Ning. I'm still wedded to Ning because I have blogs, fora, and students have individual facebook pages where they can link up for group projects. I'm teaching the novel so I am looking for connections with English 102. I am planning to have my students review some of Corbett's wikis (each student has a wiki to create with a specific literary term or device--magical realism, foreshadowing, irony, anti-hero)--since these will all come up in my novel course I am thinking that students can make suggestions to Corbett's students and also GET ideas from them. I may also be able to connect with Michelle around some of her women writers (Chopin for example) as several of my novels deal with women's issues. I'm using a primary source called "The Lady's Handbook" which is a 19C document guiding women on how to stay submissive :). Michelle's students might find this interesting. Going forward I would mostly like to find out how the connections people are making are going--what works best!!!

  5. Have some new workable options for connections to Phyllis' Lit class--we have some crossover concerning literary terms. Still struggling with creating other connections, esp between my 101 and 102. Still not sure how to make it work, but, as always, hearing other people's ideas today has kicked a few more gears in to action. Also looking at replacing a research paper in 101 with an online research project similar to the one I do in 102. Can probably manage a way to have students comment on wikis from the other class.

    As always, the presentations about 2.0 tools, platforms and classroom applications are invaluable. Great info today about Facebook. I may be the last human sans Facebook account, but am starting to come around. May be experimenting this weekend. Will you all be my first Facebook friends?!?!?

  6. I have created my class FB group and have brainstormed ideas for linking with at least two fellow participants. Jeremey and I are both teaching ENG 102 and will both be using FB groups. We are teaching mostly different texts but plan to have our students share ideas on the poetry of Langston Hughes, short story analysis, and different reportage genres. Our students can also view and comment on each other's informal and formal writings.

    I also want to connect with Lizzie's food-themed ENG 101 course. Since I will be teaching Fast Food Nation, we aim to have students comment on the issues raised by the text and on each other's research essays-in-progress.

    Seeing the FB group page in action was really helpful, even if some of the functions are different now.
    Going forward, I'm really curious to see how this will work since I've never had students cross-comment like this. I imagine future meetings will deal with all the unexpected technical and other issues that are bound to pop up.

  7. Today I made plans to create links with courses with two other instructors. (We will follow up with specific dates for shared blogs between classes soon.) I plan to have my students look at the blogs from other classes and comment/reflect once or twice during the semester. One idea that I had was to review the many different Web 2.0 tools we are using for this seminar--sharing some effective specific assignments, for example. (I'm sure we will do this at the end of the semester, but perhaps it would help earlier on.) I will post my newly updated 'Getting Started with Blogger' handout for the group, with updated screenshots that allow students to sign up and create their first blog post using a step-by-step guide.

  8. I will continue to use VoiceThread and Voice Board since I am teaching a fully online Fundamentals of Professional Advancement (FPA) class -- we need to work on interview preparation and this prepares them before they have to upload video. Students in my FPA class will connect on VoiceThread with approximately 6 seminars of previous postings and will view the wiki from the internship seminars I taught in Fall II. Students in both my Spring I classes will be using Blackboard and, of course, Digication. I may try to connect my classes on Digication also. Digital stories will be created using MovieMaker. Facebook is interesting but I'm not ready to go there yet.

    I agree with Luke about testing some other common platform as a trial in future meetings.

  9. My skepticism has waned a bit today. Prior to this session I thought that having students join and respond through a facebook group would be a pretty clunky affair. After hearing the presentations and discussing possible networking assignments with my buddy, I'm starting to think this might be fun--and useful for the students.

    Everything that we discussed regarding the use of facebook groups was new to me. I'm on facebook, but I don't use groups. Knowing that students will be able to post, and that every other student in the class will be able to see those posts--and reply to them--will be a new and interesting dynamic in my classroom.

    I'd like to hear more about how other 2.0 participants have connected in the past--what worked, what didn't? What kinds of assignments were networked? What haven't we thought about?

  10. I really liked Prof. Trapani's presentation about Facebook and using it as a instructional tool. Actaully, I liked it so much i was ready to scrap using blogger for my class this term and set up a facebook account...but blogger worked really well for my Eng101 and especially the writing assignments. Also, as I'll be connecting with Luke on blogger and with Anne -her LRC Ning and my class's blog- I think adding a third or switching to a new platform would be too overwhelming for myself, my students and will take away from class time. But Prof. Trapani's students' activity-posting a video of their business proposal and having students from his other class, the following term, comment on these videos gave me an idea for a peer review and self-critique activity. I'll ask my students to make a video of themselves reading their own paper and post it on their blogs; then I'll assign partners who will view the video and provide feedback. Also the authors themselves will be able to hear themselves read their own work- which is a great way to proofread/edit- listening to a reading and noting where ideas/words do not flow. Seeing that Prof. Trapani's presentation was not only informative but also prompted me to think about possible activities, I'd love it if we had similar presentations on other platforms (we had quite a bit on blogger from Prof. Smith and Dr. X) as well as how to connect most effectively between platforms.

  11. I have learned many useful tools about Facebook and am very excited to start and experiment on during the Spring semester. I think it will be a very effective way to connect students together and motivate them to selfstudy, ask questions and help eachother while I can oversee their progress and help them where they may need.

  12. During team time, I created a FB group on my professional account (I hope it will be easy to switch back and forth between my FB profile and the page?). I also had a discussion with one of my coworkers the other day and we'll attempt to create one common FB group for our CD second semester seminars (FSG011). In addition, I really enjoyed the FB presentation and my discussions with Community 2.0 members on topics such as the voicethread, ning and potential platforms for group projects. I may also work with Ann on developing a basic research tutorial (or links) for my students.

    For future JAMs or face-to-face meetings, additional examples are always useful. I.e., best way to organize group projects online.