Sunday, March 13, 2011

Spring Kick Off

My first FSG011 class was mostly consumed by various housekeeping issues however we did get a chance to complete the pre-surveys and go over the syllabus. (I had to resort to the paper version of the survey which I’ll forward to Jason and Ximena early next week). Next week I’ll continue with course expectations and the class will begin planning and designing their group projects. As stated before on Google pages, I will pilot service learning style projects in my FSG011 class. I created a group called CD Service Learning Project on Facebook with the intention of providing a user-friendly platform for class communication. My class will network with another FSG group, taught by my co-worker, via Facebook groups where both my co-worker and I function as the group’s administrators. Both groups will be working on service learning projects.

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  1. Hey Maryanne-- when you get the FB groups set up, could you send me the links so I can put them in the blog?