Sunday, March 27, 2011

Trouble with finding the FB group

The group projects are coming along and I’m pleased with my decision to go with a “traditional” classroom this semester. Last semester, the computer lab work relatively well (at least in hindsight) because students were expected to work on their personal blogs and document their first semester experiences. The Second Semester Seminar, on the other hand, involves weekly group projects and thus, traditional classroom appears to be a better suited option. It is a minor nuisance though that students do not have any access to computers during class; it complicates forming connections within and between classes (again, homework is tough when you’re teaching a zero credit counseling class). Furthermore, majority of the students have had difficulties finding the group on Facebook. CD Service Learning Project is an open group that should “pop-up” when searched, but as per my inquiries last week, most students have not been able to find it on Facebook! I even tried sending them invitations, but it appears to be that I can only invite people who are my “friends.” Next week, I thought about having students use the computer terminal in the classroom. Hopefully, I will be able to troubleshoot some of the problems that they are having with finding the page.


  1. Ms. K--
    I have to say, for all the complaints about privacy on FB, it is darned hard to actually find groups/people unless they are pretty out there.

  2. You may want to check with the library if they still deliver the cart of laptops for a class or two - cannot be done on a standing basis but not a bad idea once or twice.