Thursday, March 10, 2011


Sorry for the delay in posting. Some of you may have heard about how I was kidnapped by pirates on a ship to Mexico and...Okay. That's not completely true.
However, I am now back and trying desperately to decide what tool to use. So far, I have tried Spruz, Ning, Tumblr, ePortfolio, Blogger, and wikiwetpaint. I haven't found my blogging niche yet...feeling very much like the junior high school girl who doesn't have a new dress for the party. In addition, once again I was not assigned a computer labfor my class although a request was input months ago. An urgent request was submitted today.Hopefully, by next week, we will be able to connect. That is the good news...the bad news is that I don't know what tool to use.

WhatI want to do doesn't seem to be perfectly in sync with operative functioning...or it costs money making it impossible. I want to connect internationally and, as I have mentioned to some of you, am working toward some sort of collaboration. I already have some connections with the University of Essex and France. To that end, I would like to use more remote/video/second life-ish stuff. I can shoot, edit and upload the video a la youtube or set for streaming. BUT, what I also want to create for the supernatural cluster is a recreation of the original Penny Dreadfuls pulp comics with the students summary and comments creating a semi-graphic novel format, online journal and printable form. We started already with fairy tales, animals and the supernatural. I'd LOVE to connect with a class of artist(e)s who can work with my students. We will also be covering spiritualism. While I don't expect ectoplasm to sprout from the site, I would like to keep it active, vibrant and exciting while encouraging students to carefully write, edit and revise until it is ready for the rest of us.
What tool should I use? Help?

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