Friday, March 18, 2011

week 2 illuminations

After whining about the chaos of Ningland, this week we are navigating better and enjoying the uncharted waters. I discovered that the front page of Ning has a FB wall-like feature where I can post instant announcements. My 6 students who are presenting next week were pleased about the NING FB feature where they can friend each other and discuss their presentation. Ximena checked the Ning and recommended I move blog discussion to Forum section as it has threading and is thus clearer...what else? Ahh for lit folks who haven't already investigated this part of Purdue Owl--there is a very cool literary theory section that I imported into Ning so that students could use focused questions for approaching texts as feminists, new historicists, formalists or psychoanalysts--we tried out creating examples in class and they are following up with presentations next week. You can find what I imported (with credit of course) under Dr Van's Forums on my Ning. So my lesson for the week is that I need to learn more about platform I am using--and finally--as always--students are better at tech stuff than I am and are always saying -- go there, click that, no, up there, down there, to the right...

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