Sunday, March 13, 2011

Week One

Interesting start to the first week. The SIC sent out an email to all students registered for online and hybrid courses on 3/4 telling them that they are registered in an online/hybrid section so that they knew and if they wanted to change it, do so. My online class required department permission so of course they knew. Then proceeded to tell them to check Blackboard for their courses. They did NOT tell the faculty that they were sending out this message. Of course, one of my students actually reads the LaGuardia email and responded that the course wasn't there so what should they do? This resulted in a few emails on Friday night. I told them to ignore it and I would send my own email to the entire class telling them that I was working on the Blackboard site and it would be up and running on Sunday before classes started. One student is still having difficulty with Blackboard - she's in the class but does see it on her screen. Online help hasn't worked so I plan to stop by the B building and see Jetmir myself for help. As one of my former students, he always finds time (and solutions) for me.

Then on Wednesday evening I had my hybrid class in E-273 and had to ask the STMs/IDAs to leave since I was teaching -- they proceeded to tell me that they were scheduled to work there until 6:30 and I reminded them that I teach at 5:45 so they would need to leave. Strange interaction since they seem to feel that this is "their" lab and why should someone else be using it. They finally left but I know they were not happy.

So, you have gathered that I will be using the lab and of course computers since my other class is totally online. Courses are on Blackboard and Digication and we will use a number of Web 2.0 tools plus some add-ons in Blackboard. One of next week's assignments uses Voice Board for a discussion of career dreams in the online class. I'll keep you posted on that one. We started exploring Digication to begin ePortfolios next week. Most students in the class are allied health majors with programmatic templates -- a bit too structured to allow real creativity. Perhaps the digital stories we do mid-semester will help.

I posted the survey in Blackboard and enabled tracking which I usually don't do. Statistics indicate that all but one student in the online class has at least clicked on the link so hopefully they completed it. The hybrid class had it for "homework" and if they didn't complete it, we will do it in the lab Wednesday evening.

That's about it for this week. Next week I have to start packing since I will be moving to the B building.