Monday, March 21, 2011

Week Two

Finally all of my online students signed into the course. One sent me an email telling me that he registered late - he registered 3/10 but sent the email on 3/16. Surprising that they don't realize that we are able to track all this and magically expect that they are released from the first week's deadlines/assignments. Some students are not as familiar with Blackboard so this presents some challenges as it did in the fall. Probably need to create a few more instruction sheets since the Bb manual takes too long to locate what is needed and doesn't always help. We need a Bb for Dummies!

The Portfolio course is running once again and the for the most part students are taking the class to have the one credit they need to be full time....not very motivating. Once again, I needed to ask the STMs to leave E-273 although it was arranged that they would be reassigned to other areas. I guess they thought I would not show up. Two students showed for the first time, one was late and then wanted to leave early. I told him that this was his choice but then he would need to drop the course since he would exceed the allowable 15% for a 1 credit course. He stayed but let's see how things work since he has no interest in developing a portfolio 8-(

Students in my FPA class have an audio assignment due tomorrow on Voice Board. A few students have already posted so that is exciting. So far, no complaints, hesitation, etc. We'll see what happens on Tuesday.

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