Monday, March 7, 2011

X& J's Responses to Report Out

Great first meeting, everyone!

From reading your responses, this promises to be a very exciting semester. Can't wait to see how Facebook turns out...

We hear you about learning about new platforms. So far, we have worked with

  • Google Docs (specifically the Spreadsheet) for posting the Fall course descriptions. See HERE
  • Google Sites (a wiki) for posting our Spring syllabi, as per Rich's suggestion. See HERE
  • Google Groups (a discussion group) for the Fall mid-semester JAM. See HERE
We have also heard short presentations on Ning and Facebook. If you 'd like, we could play around with these last two platforms and have a report-out during the mid-semester JAM. However, this would mean joining both Facebook and Ning... Let us know your thoughts.

And we LOVED Magda's idea to have her students videotape themselves reading their papers! I don't know if you like peer review forms, Magda, but if you have them link their video to a survey in Google Forms or Survey Monkey, students could also give quick feedback on specific areas...



  1. I would really like to join a Ning and play around with others in the seminar. I guess I can also create a fake facebook account and fake friend you all (as opposed to the real friendships built between people with 300+ facebook friends ).

  2. @Luke--Har-de-Har-Har. Regardless, I would be more than happy to be your fake friend.