Saturday, April 16, 2011

Another week and still struggling

Another week has passed and students are still struggling with the audio files. I am starting to believe that they just refuse to do it and that creates a major problem in an online class. A few students seem to have disappeared. After having such a successful class last Fall, I am extremely disappointed. I expected a similar experience and I have even backed off on some of what I require since I know it is too much.

I always front load my courses (as do a few of my colleagues) since I know how difficult end-of-semester is for so many with term papers, etc. Spacing out the assignments has worked but this class is testing everything that I seem to require. I would expect that when we return from Spring break, a number of students will officially withdraw from class.

Google docs still gave me error messages re: browser (tried a few different ones) but today it seems to be working. Data is starting to be posted on the survey.

As for my Portfolio Development class, one student is really technologically challenged. He has over thirty credits and really has no concept of what to do in Blackboard so forget Digication! Another student has taken him under his wing but even that has proven to be frustrating (for the student). The student really puts no effort into anything he does and is taking the class since it made him full time. Does that translate into not doing the work??? I find it hard to believe that students who are 19 or 20 are technologically challenged to this degree - especially considering how this "mature person" (dare I call myself old) has adapted.


  1. Tough classes! I am glad that at least last semester your online class went well--I have been hearing that the attrition rate in the online courses is maybe this semester is Things As They Are (small comfort, I know).

  2. I'm starting to think it is spring fever since last spring I had similar issues but the fall was good. Attrition rate is generally atrocious since students think the course is easier...why?...I don't know since we let them know what is expected re: more writing/audio files to cover classroom material. While students need to meet the college policy for online/hybrid classes, I think the bar is set too low.