Thursday, April 7, 2011

Anyone else have difficulties with Google Docs?

I wish I had something wonderful to report/share but unfortunately this post is a bit of a bore and a whine. For some reason, I'm unable to share Google documents with students who set up their blogger accounts with hotmail, LAGCC , yahoo and/or aol e-mails??? The strange thing is, that at first I was able to do so- I created a grade book ( borrowed this from Prof. Smith) or separate document in Google docs for each student, which contains all the assignments completed or missing. But when I tried something similar with my students' assignments drafts - they complete an assignment in Google Docs and set share settings to themselves + me or Anyone with a link, and then I make a copy of it, rename it, add my comments and share this new version with them- Google Docs would not allow me to share them. The document would not have the little label Shared next to it and students would e-mail my gmail account, which I rarely check as I gave them my LAGCC e-mail for contact purposes- requesting permission to view the documents.
Has Google changed settings for Blogger? Does it discriminates against some e-mail addresses but not others? I know this sounds silly but it is very frustrating and completely random (i.e. I can share documents with one student who used LAGCC e-mail to set up blogger but I cannot do so with another student who also used LAGCC e-mail to set up blogger???).


  1. I am not sure what is happening exactly, but my question is "why make copies?" Google Docs saves every version of each doc, so I am assuming the students can revert back and forth from the one with your comments to his own version.

    If this makes your life easier, just forget about the copies and sharing back.

    If you want, we can try it first ourselves and see what happens.

  2. If the issue is when you are making copies only, then you have to check the box "share the copy with all authors". I do not know if it will share automatically to non-gmail addresses.

    On the broader issue, sicne creating a Blogger account automatically creates a Gmail account, why not just use that for class. Students can have Gmail auto-forward to whatever account they typically use. That is what I am doing now.

  3. I have had many problems with sharing google docs with an login, and with being able to access docs others have shared with me. Because of these issues, now I use it only with a google account I created specifically to do LaGuardia stuff.

  4. I am having trouble with my Google survey. Half the time it tells me there is a browser error and I cannot access my new data.

  5. The reason I make a copy of student's paper before adding comments, is because I set the document to view only for the student. This way the student does not delete the comments and resubmit the first draft as final draft.
    The strange thing is, as I mentioned in my post, that initially I was able to share a grade book document I created for each student, but now I cannot share any other documents with those students, particularly those who use LAGCC, hotmail and aol e-mail.
    Thanks for the feedback/suggestions. I'll try to figure it out.