Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Blog Looping

I have been thinking about the ongoing conversation about blogs vs essays which, as I have posted, some of my students have as a concern as well (the great blogs, sloppy essays issue Phyllis and Richard mentioned). I wonder if we need to view blogs as freewriting and then ask students to use them as looping--for the non-English faculty in our midst, that means asking the students to read the blog and then choose what they consider as its most significant, striking, original idea etc. They can then blog again (aka freewrite) on this idea and once more choose a key idea. Perhaps that will allow them to see blogs as raw material which require this kind of sifting rather than something which can pass as a finished product. I will try to use that in my class in the next few weeks and see if that will yield anything of note.

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  1. This term I've asked my students to post responses to questions about the readings posted by students whom I selected to do so before each class, and I must say that the turn out has been great and many responses are equivalent to paragraphs. Some studnets then use their responses to compose the required blog posts, as we do one for every reading. I'm hoping this was helpful for their midterm and will be helpful for their upcoming research paper 2 proposals as well as the final.