Monday, April 4, 2011

Desperately Seeking Your class for Peer Editing!

I'd like to set up a cross-class peer editing date - or two - in May.  Anyone want to go for it?  I have one ENG101 class writing about food and another section (actually a 101/103 cluster) who will be writing about the Matrix.


  1. Lizzie,
    My 101 class is actually pretty solidly booked, and we are reading supernatural literature, but I do have some very strong students and I can give them extra credit if you want them to peer edit with yours.

  2. Luke's class could work for The Matrix--they are working on it now, so they should be experts by then.:-)

  3. Let me know the specific date in May. My ENG101 Masculinities students will be seeking peer reviewers for their first drafts of research paper #1- I'll be asking them to post videos of them reading their papers :)They can cross-peer review.