Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Facebook updates...

The class has been going well for the past two weeks. Students continue to be engaged in their group projects and most of them handed in their group proposals. Facebook group seems to be finally working. For some curious reason, neither my coworker nor I were able to find the group on Facebook. Thanks to Jason, he was able to find it and kindly forwarded us the link. The group has been working ever since then. I guess I’ll never know what happened, but I’m grateful that it’s working again. As far as communication goes, students haven’t really embraced the FB group as I had hoped they would. Apparently, when there is no mandatory grade requirement for online communication, students opt out from using it. I haven’t given up on FB yet, but I’ll need to figure out more engaging prompts or techniques to really get students involved. (I’m still impressed by Prof. Trapani’s “business” group.) Maybe they don’t perceive this particular FB page as a necessary tool for their college success? I also elicited students’ opinions about FB in class, and many of them stated that they are trying to reduce their FB usage because it’s addictive. Also, I was definitely more successful with online communication when the class met in a computer lab. For future semesters, I will revisit the pros and cons of conducting a one-hour seminar in a computer lab. As stated before, I am very pleased with the quality of student engagement in class however it seems to come with a high price tag (less online communication). I hope I don’t have to sacrifice one for the benefit of the other.

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  1. I think that for students to give a tool their time an attention, they have to perceive it as valuable, particularly in this information-saturated world we are living in. It's simply a question of priorities.