Thursday, April 28, 2011

Finally some success in my class!

Firstly I apologize for not posting earlier for there was not much happening except one post here or there by the students and my nerve compression that was too painful to write that not much is happening. Well I started with facebook. Initially students were happy and joined the group. But then as usual they were not posting much. However, it remained to be a good tool for me to keep posting small announcements. Slowly the students are recognizing the value of connecting to each other and now they are asking stuff that they missed in the lab, what will be on the next quiz, when will be the next quiz and some even uploaded some videos found in the Internet on topics covered in the class. Now I see students checking their cellphones and telling me that they just got the post which I posted in the lab class. Given that the course moves with enormous speed and lots of quizzes and exams, this already is a great success!