Saturday, April 2, 2011

First connection across blogs and gearing up for Blog to LRC103 Ning connection

My first connection of the term was a peer review by Luke's Media Lives Eng101 students of my students' first drafts of photo analysis papers. And I must say that Luke's students did an amazing job. Not only did they complete the peer review promptly but they provided constructive and helpful comments for my students to work with for the final drafts. I quickly read through the Media Lives students' comments and I was very pleased to see that their feedback reiterated the comments I made on  my students' first draft.
Luke and Media Lives students, thank you again :)

This Friday, I reviewed the first research paper assignment with my students and asked them all to accept invitations to Ann's LRC103 Ning. She has been kind enough to add me as an administrator which made the business of my students joining her class' Ning and creating profiles a breeze. Ann and I have tried this connection last year and it was somewhat successful. What became an issue last year, was that I, the inexperienced blogger that I am, completely forgot that Ann's students need to set up blogger accounts in order to comment on my students' blogs. So, this Friday, after my students joined Ann's Ning, I asked my students to post a message on their Ning page introducing themselves and inquiring if any LRC student will be willing to help with research. Then I invited all of Ann's LRC students to be author's on my class' blog. I'm hoping that some students, those who are a bit more motivated, will pair up on their own. Next Friday, after  my students attend the Library Orientation Session, which Ann will be conducting, I'll check which students have connected with Ann's LRC students. Those who have not will be assigned partners by Ann and I. Also, as an extra incentive I told my students that their connection/exchanges via blogger or Ning with a student from Ann's LRC class,  will count as extra credit. Keeping my fingers crossed.


  1. What a good week, Magda! I'm glad the connections are working so well. As you said, it does require that extra planning, but it does pay off.

  2. You know, students always see this kind of peer review across classes as real work. I never had them be so engaged when they comment on each others' work in class.