Thursday, April 14, 2011

Guest commenters for ENG 101 / ENG 102 / LIB 200?

We're about at Spring Break and I have 75+ bloggers in my three classes.

Does anyone want to invite their class for some 'guest commenting' for the first week or two after break?

If so, I can send my class your way (to your blog roll?) to do some commenting and reflecting on the work of another class in a future blog assignment.

There are blog rolls of for my classes at the following web pages:

ENG 101 -- Composition I --
Recent Posts on: The Changing Nature of Work, Personal Essays, Reading Historical Photos

ENG 102 -- Writing Through Literature --
Recent Posts on: Realism, Fables/Parables vs. Short Stories, Short Story 'Elements'

LIB200 -- Humanism, Science and Technology --
Promise and Perils of Science, The World's Fair and Suburbia/Global Warming,
Recent Posts on: Technology Optimism/Pessimism, Robots and AI: Friends or Foes

If I could get one volunteer for each class, we could do a virtual visit soon--just let me know!

(Of course, we needn't be teaching the same classes--we could have ENG 099/ENG 101 students looks at LIB 200 for instance.)

Have a good break, everyone!!


  1. If I could get my students to get any work done, I would like them to review your assignment on the changing workplace. Need to figure out a strategy.

  2. Rich, I don't know why or how it is, but when I see something that is totally in my area of interest, I see your name! PLEASE let's connect our classes. My supernatural cluster covered fairy tales (as introduction to supernatural/Gothic) and we are reading (almost exclusively) short stories. We are doing the "PennyDreadful2011" project, a powerpoint/on-line graphic novel that we would welcome help/comments.
    I have just increased our student editorial staff from 2 to 4: I am trying to use "student" force to get the rest of the class to contribute. After next week, we are going to working heavy duty on completing the novel.
    ALSO, I'm going to that MediaGrid conference in Boston in May. This might be something up your alley as well.
    Enjoy your break.

  3. Rich--I went to you links in the post but they would not open--wanted to see what you were up to in 102...and if we could connect. WE are finishing Love in the Time of Cholera...afraid my novel list doesn't fit easily with other themes...Phyllis