Wednesday, April 6, 2011

It Finally Happened! We're actually functioning on wordpress!

It was rough say the least. I could not figure out how to make the students authors. They were giving me emails like, " (why is it always "hotmail"?)and they could only reply. I was headed toward....yep...ePortfolio. I really didn't want just the linear blog thing since I do feel that unless the blogs are uniquely and well prompt driven, they wind up being like text messages...and I hate that! Besides, after the burning of the Lautrecville Spruz city, my pride and ideas were still smoldering. I wanted/want to have the class do something creative while still fulfilling English Composition and Research requirements. My graphic novel idea looked like it was circling the drain until we (and I have to credit a student with figuring it out) resolved the posting issue. The students are now in their "summary" of stories phase. These are "Tagged," and I have to admit I stole that from Phyllis when I realized that "tagging" was a great way to get them to select which concepts and/or themes came from each story. The next step is to locate pics, sounds, and we may shoot some video and vlog, although (why is there always an "although"?) it seems that wordpress has quirky file styles that it will accept, and wav and aiff are not two of them. I may have to powerpoint in the whole thing. The next step after that is for the students (during vacation) to come up with a list of absolutely necessary screenshots for the Penny Dreadful. Then we probably will powerpoint in the "talk or thought" bubbles from Powerpoint, and set up our online Penny Dreadful Comic which will also be available in print form.
There you have it! Next step: the world!

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