Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Just in case this is of interest....comic book event on May 2

Sorry if this is OT, but just in case anyone is interested in bringing their classes or telling their students about this. I invited two comic book writers/artists to do a panel presentation here. Larry Hama is a well-known guy in the industry (worked for DC & Marvel, best known for creating the GI Joe universe, but also has written/edited Batman, Wolverine, Wonder Woman, Nth Man) & teaches graphic narrative.

And coincidently, one of Prof. Bogacka's students who's working on an Asian masculinity paper is using an article which quotes Jeff Yang (he started A Magazine in the 90s)...

Monday,May 2 @1:30 pm, Room E242


  1. On a related note, see this blog entry on the publication of “Library of the Living Dead,” a comic book guide to the library at McPherson College:


  2. I used to read Hama's GI Joe series as a kid. Way to make a guy feel old, Ann! (And, yes, I'm totally going to attend.)

  3. Thank you for posting this on my ENG101 Masculinities blog, Ann. Will try my best to attend the event.