Friday, April 8, 2011

Media and Wordpress

Now that I have finally :) landed on wordpress, I'm making progress. There are so many bells and whistles that it is difficult not to get caught up in the, "I want that, too!" syndrome. One of my students captured an audio file that we tried to upload in vain. It looked to me as if it would be necessary to upgrade (pay) to the next level. Then, however, I noticed that it is actually possible to add all sorts of media under various "shareware apps." One of these is slideshare for which I have signed up. I am trying to put a Powerpoint presentation on the pennydreadful site. It also looks like I can also enroll in a shareware flash player on wordpress. With that in mind, I plan to film our field trip to the American Society of Psychical Research and/or film a "Blair Wit" (I considered, "Blair B....") and upload that on our website. I am glad to have selected a social networking tool (finally) that seems to be able to provide enough latitude and depth to go to the next level (video/audio).
Let's see what happens! Once I get this working (if I do!), I'll be happy to help others interested in doing this.
Wish me luck!

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