Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Misgivings and Missed Opportunities

I feel that I have been so immersed in the graphic novel concept that I missed some solid opportunities to connect with others working on similar themes. I find it difficult not to get caught up in the "bells and whistles," to the extent that content falls apart. I am now on "oovoo." Of course, I love it; it's a new toy. I haven't used it in the classroom yet. However, we are going on a field trip to the (real world, not virtual) American Society of Psychical Research tomorrow. I'd like to be able to video chat that in. We may be doing "astral traveling." As we continue more in depth in the area of Victorian literature, the role of women takes center stage. If this is a topic that connects with someone else on a thematic level, it would be great to connect our courses. Anyone that wants to add to the Pennydreadful2011 project is also free to do so.

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