Monday, April 18, 2011

Out of the Classroom with ASAP

The idea of using Community 2.0 out of the classroom to connect students has now spread. The ASAP Program will be using another type of network called TUMBLR to provide their students with access to the Program and to other ASAP students. We will focus on three key points: Career Tipps, Academic Support, and Success Stories. Each week there will be postings and students will be able to share their ideas and comments.


  1. Steve-

    The ASAP blog is the first item on the Affiliates list to the right. I will also add their feed to the Netvibes page.

  2. Steve, I have used Tumblr in the past. I liked it although it didn't exactly suit my ideas (I was searching for the perfect software). Many of the students already use it, so it allows for quick access, and, I felt (perhaps falsely) that they were less inclined to see it as purely a "social" network. Good choice! Please keep me posted. I may return to Tumblr.

  3. Can someone please explain to me what tumblr is, how it works? what it could be used for?