Friday, April 15, 2011

Student Helping New Students

A student peer BLOG has been developed and the students are begining to receive feedback from other students. This is a BLOG that was developed from continuing students to help new students. The following three additional spots will be added soon: 1) The Academic Corner: Best Study Tipps Ever How to Stay Healthy & Fit to Pass Your Classes What to Do About Math Anxiety 2) The Social Corner: What is happening on Campus? 3) Any Advise on Campus Life. The Site is htt://


  1. I'm interested in hearing more about the students' role in contributing to and participating on the blog, even if it's just how you envision it will work eventually (I realize that it's still relatively new).

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  3. Good to see that students are helping other students.
    As the author of several "ghost blogs" I'm wondering what your plans are to sustain the effort, if you've planned in that regard.
    When helpful resources are developed on any blog, such as the Academic Links for Registration in this case, they can be kept available in a couple of ways: (1) make the post into a permalink, or (2) create a list of links on the side navigation (just like Ximena and Jason did for the Community 2.0 blog!
    That way visitors to the site will always have access to the important resources created by the authors.